The toll of caring for and living with someone with a life-limiting illness is an ongoing process. It can be taxing - emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially; and the effect on caregivers and loved ones does not end when that person dies.

Bereavement services are available to all members of the community free of charge regardless of whether The Hospice of San Diego was involved in the care of their loved ones. Caregivers, family, and other loved ones receive bereavement services for 13 months after a patient passes away. Community members who contact us regarding grief support may receive mailings and have an opportunity to speak with our Bereavement Coordinator.

Grief counselors and social workers help family members and other loved ones with understanding the grief process and recognizing signs of healing. Bereavement services can take a variety of forms including phone calls, written materials about grieving, individual counseling, and connections to community resources like long-term counseling and support groups.